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I’m an undergraduate student passionate about machine learning and security.

In 2017, after listening to Gimlet Media and Radiotopia shows, I became intrigued with starting something of my own–Scibent. I was a student at Brooklyn Tech at the time, majoring in Social Science Research and learning web development on my own. But during my senior year there I participated in the CUNY College Now program at Hunter, where I took what was basically CS 101. My English teacher that year suggested to study linguistics and my AP Statistics teacher suggested I pursue data science. At the time, I wasn’t sure exactly what those two disciplines encompassed and so had no idea of how to proceed or in which direction to proceed.

Now at SBU, I continued studying Computer Science, having been accepted into the CSE program after being admitted as an AOI in 2019. By the middle of the degree, I realized how beneficial it would be to have a mathematical background no matter what the degree would lead me to; maths form the foundation of pretty much everything. This resulted in the addition of the Applied Mathematics and Statistics major to said degree. All the while, I yearned for applications of my studies in the social sciences, my roots. A Linguistics minor, I thought, would nicely complement my double major, as I would be able to take courses on sociological and computational linguistics.

In my senior year at SBU, I joined the Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Specialization within CSE, where I study natural language processing with Machine Learning and experience the synergy of my long multidisciplinary education. From syntax and phonetics, to probability and statistics, to data structures and algorithms, everything has led up to data science with Python, R, and MATLAB and NLP with PyTorch and TextBlob.

Throughout high school and university, I have also worked at Ballet Tech. Starting out as a volunteer, I accepted an internship offer and later became a technology consultant. I was once a student here myself, and I think it’s important to give back to one’s community. I spend the rest of my time skiing, snowboarding, and delving into system and network administration, as well as virtualization, working with tools like Bash, WireGuard, hostap, unbound, iptables, CrowdSec, Docker, and WSL. I believe everything I do benefits from a good background on security and privacy. I also speak Russian.

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